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Framing is up!

We are making great progress on the new office! Check out the most recent pictures, all of the wall framing is up!

Demolition is done!

Here are the most recent pictures of the new office.  It looks like demolition is just about wrapping up.  We will keep you updated as more progress is made!  

Fluoride Toothpaste Use in Young Children

Are you a mom or dad and are unsure what is safe for you child when it comes to brushing their teeth?  Here is some updated recommendations from the American Dental Association: To create consistent recommendations regarding fluoride toothpaste use in children younger than 6 years, the ADA Council on Scientific Affairs conducted a systematic […]

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month!!!

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Call today at 314-567-5477 to schedule an appointment for your children!!! Dr. Blake Eyres treats children starting at the age of 3. He is very passionate about making the dental experience fun and enjoyable for the children, and always lets them pick out a prize from our toy […]