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Our Practice Provides Professional Teeth Whitening!

We provide our patients with the option of In-Office whitening and/or Take-Home whitening kits.  Both options are safe and effective.

Why choose professional whitening instead of over-the-counter products?

Teaming up with your dentist is the best way to get the whitening results you want. Your dentist knows your oral health and can make recommendations that will allow you to get the best results in a time frame that works for you. Your dentist can also help you understand how the whitening process works, monitor your progress, and treat any sensitivity issues that may arise.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Stains on teeth can be classified in one of two ways: extrinsic or intrinsic. Extrinsic stains appear on the surface of your teeth. Intrinsic stains live between the microcracks in your enamel and deep within your dentin (the layer of your tooth underneath your enamel). Whitening toothpastes and mouth rinses may be able to remove some of the extrinsic stains on your teeth. But only teeth whitening agents can remove the stubborn extrinsic stains and the unsightly intrinsic stains that cause your teeth to look discolored.

Tooth whitening gels contain an active whitening ingredient (either carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide) that penetrates your enamel to get to discolored molecules. Oxygen molecules from the whitening agents react with the discolored molecules in your teeth, breaking the bonds that hold them together. The oxygen molecules spread, whitening the entire tooth. As a result, you are left with a brighter, whiter smile.

EZ White™ Pro In-Office Whitening System

EZ White™ Pro uses a patented, light-activated technology and oxygen-rich gel to break away stains quickly and gently in seconds, for results patients can see instantly.

  • Fast — Takes as little as 30 minutesezwhite2
  • One-time office visit — no follow-ups required
  • Mild — Little to no sensitivity
  • Gentle — low abrasion, low dehydration, low sensitivite
  • Effective — Achieves up to 8 shades whiter
    with minimal fade back

The EZ White™ Pro system also includes a take-home whitening pen!

  • 15% carbamide peroxide gel
  • ezpropenUnique silicon applicator tip displaces biofilm
  • Simply smile, click to release gel, and apply
  • Up to 4 shades of whitening power
  • 60 applications per pen


Opalescence Take-home Whitening System

Opalescence is a professional teeth whitener that offers professional results. Safe and effective, Opalescence has been the leader in whitening for over 20 years!

Opalescence take-home whitening gel offers professional results in a customized whitening treatment you can do in the comfort of your own home. Available in a range of formulations and flavors, Opalescence take-home whitening gel is delivered via custom-made trays, further tailoring the treatment to your smile. Opalescence take-home whitening gel is available only through a licensed dental professional.opal3

  • Opalescence tooth whitening gel contains PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride). Potassium nitrate has been shown to help reduce sensitivity. Fluoride has been shown to help reduce caries and strengthen enamel. Together they help to improve the overall health of the teeth.
  • Formulated to prevent dehydration and shade relapse
  • Different concentrations for treatment flexibility
  • Day or night wear
  • Sticky, viscous gel won’t migrate to soft tissues

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